Storing Olive Oil

The storage of olive oil is very similar to the care and storage of wines. There are numerous parallels. Fine wines are made from specific grapes, from a distinct area, and processed under very controlled conditions. Table wines have less specific requirements. The same is true for olive oils. Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) are produced from certain olives, from a defined area and are cold processed from the first pressing. More common olive oils are further processed from the same olives, and are processed with heat or chemicals. Storage has the same parallels. Fine wines require specific controls in aging, bottling and storage until they are consumed.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils have the same requirement. These oils are very sensitive to light and change in storage temperature. If an olive oil is refrigerated, it will tend to solidify or gel, and the texture and taste will change when introduced back to room temperature. Extreme heat, or prolonged exposure to light will cause the texture and taste of EVOO to deteriorate.

Many producers of extra virgin olive oil use a more protective and more expensive, dark bottle for consumer packaging. This prolongs the shelf life of these fine oils. Additionally ceramic containers provide additional protection from light (harmful UV rays) and additional insulation from changes in temperature.

If one is going to acquire a fine wine, then proper handling and storage should be maintained to insure top quality. Likewise if one is going to enjoy the quality and taste of gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil, then the same care should be taken. Perhaps even more so with Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Generally a bottle of wine is consumed in a short time period. A bottle of EVOO may last over an extended period of time. Therefore the container and storage may be more critical.

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