Spanish Olive Oil

Selecting excellent olive oil from around the world is what we do. This helps us offer you the most well rounded assortment of products. Spanish olive oil can be wonderfully sweet or layered with spicy surprises. Long known for its Flamenco music, legendary artworks, and wonderful cuisine, Spain is now popular for its olive oil.

Spain is a leader among olive oil-producing countries. It currently has nine protected designations of origin for olive groves in Andalusia, Catalonia, Castilla la Mancha and Aragon (with more on the way). A bottle of Spanish olive oil has a special label defining its origin, the varieties of olives used to make it, and its production standards. We offer this same quality in every bottle of Spanish olive oil we sell.

Tiny Olives Give Spanish Olive Oil Big Flavor

Spanish olive oil is sometimes made from little Arbequiñas olives that range in color from khaki to light brown. The olive's exquisite nutty flavor, with a hint of fennel-like aroma, has garnered it the nickname, "caviar of olives." This truly memorable olive gives some Spanish olive oils a delicate and buttery texture.

Certain blends of Spanish olive oil can be fruity and peppery. The mountainous regions of Spain near Portugal offer a hearty setting for olive groves. Some batches are soft-pressed, letting a natural drip occur from the crushed olives. Others have a limited filtration process, creating a misty, rich hue. Spanish olive oils are excellent simply on fresh baked bread or drizzled in gazpacho soup.