Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Expanding on our great line of extra virgin olive oils, we bring you Spanish extra virgin olive oil. Like so much in life, olive oil is not as simple as it used to be. There are so many varieties and types to choose from. But we at The Posh Gourmet are determined to find you only the very best items. Our international extra virgin olive oil represents the most exquisite products from around the globe.

Our collection of extra virgin olive oils from Spain starts with the wonderful variety of olive trees indigenous to the country. The lovely little trees flower in spring, then bear fruit which gloriously ripens. They are sometimes hand-picked or shaken from the trees with flexible poles so that the olives gently fall. We only deal with importers who take great care in their olive oil growing, processing and bottling.

Muy Bueno! Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Use Spanish extra virgin olive oil in all types of cooking. Although it is very good in the traditional recipes of Spain, it's sumptuous to use for frying or grilling many other dishes. It gives a deep flavor to chicken, fish and plantains. Sprinkle dishes with the special seasonings we sell, and your dinner parties will be the talk of the neighborhood.

Find out more about our Spanish extra virgin olive oils. We can help you learn where they are made or suggest gift ideas for your next special event.