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Chef's Q-Tips are courtesy Sandie Jarrett


Q-Tips Using Bread Dipping Oils and Dipping Sauces

Brush both sides of a thick slice of rustic bread with Provencal Grapeseed Oil Bread Dipper and grill in a Panini Press until golden brown.  Serve with pasta or a fresh vegetable salad. 

Q-Tips Using Olive Oils

To create your own bread dipping oil, pour a small puddle of olive oil, infused olive oil, or grapeseed oil into a shallow bowl.  Now pour a splash of balsamic vinegar or infused vinegar in the center.  Sprinkle with a few minced herbs. 

Use your favorite infused olive oil or other gourmet oil when making Aioli.  You can't buy richness like this. 

Sauté chicken or shellfish in infused olive oil to add a delicious layer of flavor.

Q-Tips Using Grapeseed Oils

Create easy stir-fry meals by using flavored grapeseed oil Ginger Grapeseed oil  goes great with Asian flavors.

Sauté chicken or shellfish in infused or flavored grapeseed oil to add a delicious layer of flavor.

Drizzle cooked vegetables with flavored or infused grapeseed oil to add a 'chef's touch'.

Sauté Chicken breast fillets in Lemon-Zest Grapeseed Oil for a refreshing flavor.  Season with a sprinkle of 3-Lemon Pepper, and Lemon or Citrus Sea Salt.  Add fresh chopped Italian parsley and thyme.  Serve with rice pilaf. 

Q-Tips Using Infused Vinegars

Add a spoonful of fruit infused vinegar to sparkling water for a natural soda.

Drizzle cooked vegetables with infused vinegar to add a 'chef's touch'.

Q-Tips Using Pestos and Tapenades

Blend 1 part mayonnaise to 2 parts Balsamic Sun-dried Tomato Pesto.  Use as a spread on  grilled chicken sandwiches!

Misc. Q-Tips

Store gourmet oil in light resistant containers such as ceramic oil bottles or dark glass to extend shelf life.

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