Pure Olive Oil

Simply stated, pure olive oil begins with a perfect olive. From the first crushing of a batch of olives, the wonderfully aromatic paste can be transformed into complex varieties of pure olive oil. Even if you've cooked with vegetable oil before, it's just not the same as using a splash of pure gourmet olive oil in your dishes. We carry a full line of pure olive oil-filled products for your every cooking need.

Special care goes into selecting pure olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil is, of course, the purest olive oil. We sell only the finest by evaluating how the oils are produced, filtered and stored. Only after personally taste- and kitchen-testing each batch are we able to sell it with confidence. Italy, Spain, Greece and the Napa Valley are just some of the places we gather pure olive oil to bring to your door.

Gourmet Specialties Made with Pure Olive Oil

Step into our world of pure olive oil-based goodies. Our mission is to bring you the best products, running the gamut from pure organic olive oil to vibrant infused olive oils. Sink a bread stick into a hot pepper dipping sauce or pour a few drops of garlic infused olive oil over your pizza, and you'll know why it's purely gourmet all the way!

It all boils down to top-of-the-line products. At The Posh Gourmet, we believe you should never skimp on quality. A homemade recipe needs good ingredients, and pure olive oil will intensify the flavor of your food. Find what you need to make your cooking pure and simple at The Posh Gourmet.