Olive Oil Dispensers

The oil from green olives that we covet for use in Mediterranean-style meals is rich in healthy antioxidants. Unfortunately, those same antioxidants mean that exposing such oils to air can cause the oil to quickly become rancid. The correct storage conditions and the proper olive oil dispensers can help you to maintain the freshness of your gourmet olive oils.

With The Posh Gourmet's ceramic olive oil dispensers, you can protect your investment while showing off your gourmet oils or vinegars. Their vibrant designs look equally beautiful on the kitchen counter, the windowsill, and at the table. Our dispensers are just the right size for serving dipping oil at the table or drizzling extra-virgin olive oil over salads. Their narrow necks and stainless steel spouts allow just the right amount of oil to be poured.

Our olive oil dispensers are created by hand in the old Italian style. If you're serious about serving gourmet olive oils or infused vinegars, you deserve to own our olive oil dispensers. They'll give your gourmet products just the right touch of pizzazz--as well as guarantee the proper sort of storage.

If you haven't ordered from The Posh Gourmet before, you'll be amazed at our phenomenal customer service. By keeping our business small, we're able to handle each order with a personal touch to give you quick delivery as well as an incredible product.