Olive Oil Dipping Sauce

All of the flavored olive oil dipping sauces we sell are unique--and uniquely tasty. Dunk bread into a dipping sauce for a simple and satisfying appetizer or snack. At The Posh Gourmet, we aim to stock our inventory with sure-to-please items. A Garlic Parmesan Dipping Sauce is a perfect way to zing-up a serving of crudités. Breads, crackers, vegetables, and more are all enhanced by our excellent dipping sauces.

It all starts with the olive oil. The base for each dipping sauce is freshly made olive oil, which we bottle in-house or buy from the finest boutique purveyors. The sauces are enhanced with hearty herbs and root vegetables, like garlic or hot-and-sweet peppers fresh off the vine.

Spruce up Appetizers and More with Olive Oil Dipping Sauce

Not just for dipping, these hearty sauces can claim a spot as a main ingredient, adding interest to soups, entrees, and appetizers alike. Sprinkle olive oil dipping sauce over mini cheese calzones. Make several dozen to sprinkle with different sauces and serve them at your next get-together. For dessert, pour Pear Walnut Finishing Sauce over a bowl of ice cream or a slice of hot pie. Yum!

We want to help you create a warm and welcoming home. Our products will fill your kitchen with the scents that make memories. It's all part of enjoying good food with friends and family.