Olive Oil Bottles

Most of your kitchen condiments can be stored in glass or plastic containers interchangeably. The type of container doesn't make a difference; as long as it has a recloseable lid, your food products will maintain their freshness and longevity.

The one exception to that rule is olive oil. Because the presence of light, heat, and air can cause your olive oil to start breaking down, it does make a difference which container you use. Olive oil is traditionally stored in glass or ceramic containers to preserve freshness. It should be kept in a relatively dark location at a constant temperature.

Our olive oil bottles and dipping sets are both beautiful and functional. They can enhance your table and your meals with color and style. Keep one of these bottles close at hand while you prepare your food. Our hand-painted ceramic bottles are perfect for storing olive oil because they're decorative and they block light. When you're finished cooking, you can carry the olive oil right to the table along with your food.

As you begin to discover the versatility and delicious flavor of olive oil, you owe it to yourself to purchase the right tools for storing and serving the oils. Our olive oil bottles feature stainless steel no-drip spouts that allow the oil to remain protected in the bottle while letting you pour or drizzle just the right amount of oil onto your food. For more information about our olive oil bottles and other entertainment accessories, keep coming back to PoshGourmet.com.