Oil And Vinegar Cruets

Long ago, Italians housed their precious oils and vinegars in wicker-bottomed, bottle-shaped glass cruets. Today, the signature little decanter is making a comeback. Today's cruets can be traditional and rustic or sleekly modern, made with pretty glass in unique shapes. At The Posh Gourmet, we carry only the finest serving items, so that you can serve up our delicious oils and vinegars in true style.

Even during the fanciest of occasions, an oil and vinegar cruet was sure to be on the table at Italian villas. Cruets actually originated in France, where crystal-and-silver cruet pairs housed oil and vinegar on 17th-century tables. When cruets made it to Italy, they were primarily used to keep oil and vinegar safe and sound for cooks.

Oil and Vinegar Cruets Are Useful and Elegant

Whether you want to rest a cruet set on your dining room table or keep it on your kitchen counter, cruets are handy for both cooking and seasoning. Cruets make for easy pouring when emulsifying olive oil into salad dressings and marinades. They can also provide a window for the beautiful color of your vinegars and olive oils. Here at The Posh Gourmet, we appreciate the beauty and colors of food almost as much as the taste.

Stock up on some new oil and vinegar with the purchase of your cruet set. We have a complete line of gourmet products, including organic and Italian extra virgin olive oils and delicious flavored and traditional vinegars, to name but a few. For just the right set of oil and vinegar cruets, call us now at (714) 839-7642.