Napa Valley Olive Oil

Long known for its abundant wineries, the Napa Valley is becoming more popular for its lush olive groves--ranked on par with Spain and Italy. The Napa Valley varietals, grown in the area's pleasant climate and fertile soil, are perfect for a bona fide olive-oil enthusiast. Open a bottle of Napa Valley olive oil to experience its complexity of flavors, from robust and full-bodied to delicate and fruity.

Olive oil is at its peak when first pressed. Unlike a bottle of great wine, great olive oil does not need time to mature. Our small-batch producers of fine Napa Valley olive oil press and bottle the oil soon after harvesting the olives, to offer the very freshest product possible.

Taste the Homegrown Richness of Napa Valley Olive Oil

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your table by way of this lush Californian blend. Along with our Napa Valley olive oil, we offer a wide selection of items for the discerning cook. If you love gourmet cooking, peruse our pantry for items. Whether you're searching for a regal vinegar or a gourmet sea salt, our products will satisfy.

We've all heard of wine tasting--but what about olive oil tasting? With nearly hundreds of varieties made in California's Napa Valley, Napa olive oil comes in a huge range of flavors to please every palate. Many establishments offer tasting rooms so patrons can sample oils side by side. Host your own tasting party with our full line of boutique olive oils.