Lemon Olive Oil

Plump, juicy lemons are squeezed into our lemon olive oil. Using this lemon-tinged oil will fill your home with a springtime citrus fragrance, and spooning it onto your dishes will have them bursting with lemony flavor.

Lemons were once called golden apples. Originally discovered in Northern India, the lemon was traded for prized items. Nowadays, this "precious commodity" can be added to olive oil. Lemon olive oil is so versatile, it can be used for a wide variety of cooking. Many Italian chefs use olive oil for baking. Try lemon olive oil in cakes and cookies topped off with a zesty, sugar-lemon frosting. Then whip up some lemon cupcakes for the kids!

A Zest for Lemon Olive Oil

Try the extra special Meyer Lemon Olive Oil. This signature blend is made with Meyer lemons, which some describe as a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange. Meyer lemons are not typically grown in big commercial batches, making them a more exclusive gourmet product. The sweet lemon juice is immersed in bottles of pure olive oil, then housed in our well-stocked pantry. Sprinkle this oil on freshly cooked escarole, broccoli rabe or veggies hot off the grill. Or purchase a Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a more pungent blend.

At The Posh Gourmet, we use superior ingredients in all of our products, as do our Californian boutique and artisan producers. Want to know more about our products, including Lemon Olive Oil? We'll be happy to share our fruits of wisdom!