Italian Olive Oil

The lush countryside of Italy calls to mind endless fields of olive trees sprinkled with light green olives ready to be delicately extracted. We honor this image at The Posh Gourmet by individually tasting each and every batch of Italian Olive Oil we sell. Personally sampling our hand-selected Italian olive oil is the perfect way to assure quality for our clients.

We taste test by aroma and color, and then we evaluate the flavor after sipping warm little samples. This allows us to hand-select our offerings of Italian olive oil. We know that its complex flavor is unlike any other cooking addition. Livening up fresh vegetables, adding comfort to hearty soups, and adding appeal and complexity to fresh mozzarella and bread, Italian olive oil is as versatile as it is delicious.

Combine Italian Olive Oil with Specialty Spices

Enhance your next juicy steak with a combination of flavorful Paris Peppercorn Blend and Italian olive oil. Create a one-of-a-kind marinade for your poultry or meat dish with our rich Italian olive oil as your base. Any one of our bold or mild varieties is the perfect vehicle for punching up the flavor of a recipe. For an accent to fresh fish, mix Italian olive oil with black olives and a pinch of fleur de sel. The bits of black olives coupled with sea salt taste delicious in the Italian olive oil's wonderfully nutty flavor.

Italian olive oil bursts with richness and flavor, offering an old-world European distinction nurtured in the Mediterranean style of growing. We specialize in high-grade Italian olive oil, as opposed to the sort of mass-produced bottles found in the average grocery store.