Infused Olive Oil

Olive oil is said to be infused when herbs, peppers, spices, or other flavor-enhancing ingredients are blended with the oil. The spices are added to the oil slowly. It is then allowed to age so that the flavors can meld together. The finished product is a uniquely flavored oil that is a terrific complement to salads, pasta, fish, breads, and marinades.

Select from our many infused oils, including fruity olive oils flavored with blood orange, lemon or  bold roasted garlic. Infused olive oils are delicious when used as dipping oils for bread or vegetables. Use them as a base for salad dressings or as a lightweight flavoring for soups. Brush them on vegetables or meat before grilling, or toss infused olive oil with hot fresh pasta for a quick and easy meal.

Many Napa Valley chefs incorporate the use of infused oils into their everyday cooking because these oils are both healthy and tasty. At The Posh Gourmet, we love food and search the world for delightful gourmet options. You'll find that our infused olive oils are aromatic and versatile. Your use of them in the kitchen is limited only by your imagination.

At The Posh Gourmet, we hand-select every item you see in our online catalog. A new product is added only after repeated taste testing to ensure that we are truly happy with its flavor, quality, and texture. We keep our business small because we want you to be pleased with your purchase in every way. To stay informed about our selection, bookmark our website,