Worcestershire Sauce and Steak Sauce...

Mouth watering Worcestershire Sauces and Steak Sauces add just the right finishing touch to delicious grilled steaks and chops.When the weather heats up, so does the barbeque grill!  If you haven’t noticed, big, thick, juicy prime steaks are all the rage.  And nothing tastes better on a perfectly grilled steak than classic Steak Sauce or Worcestershire Sauce.  We love grilled meats and have found that serving a simple complementary sauce or relish takes grilled meats to new heights.  Like most people, we often reached for the popular brands of steak or Worcestershire sauces to top our favorite grilled steak.  Disappointed by the mundane quality, we began looking for something tastier to accompany our expensive cuts of meat. 

 By chance, about eighteen months ago, one of our favorite Napa Valley suppliers asked us to try something new.  Feeling the same disappointment in readily available steak sauces as we were, they started experimenting with steak and Worcestershire Sauces.  The co-owner of the company, John, hails from a long line of restaurateurs, famous for serving mouth-watering steaks and seafood.  In the ‘70s and ‘80s, John opened several popular restaurants specializing in ribs and steaks.  So, if anyone knows how to dress a fabulous steak, it’s Johnny

When the sample bottle of Worcestershire Sauce arrived in our kitchen, I began taste testing Johnny’s new concoction against store bought varieties.  I was immediately blown away by the difference.  Many of the major brands had either metallic undertones or had a muddiness about them.  In addition, I discovered that soon after opening, the flavor began to deteriorate, often resulting in a very different flavor than that of a freshly opened bottle.  Since most of us rarely use an entire bottle of sauce during one or two meals, this, at least for me, presented a problem.  Not so with Johnny’s sauces.  Both the Steak Sauce and the Worcestershire Sauce were as delicious and flavorful upon opening as they were to the last tasty drop. 

Season your favorite steak or chop with Johnny’s Napa Valley Barbecue's Steak Sauce or Worcestershire Sauce and you’ll discover that the secret to a decadent, steak house quality grilled meat is truly “in the sauce”. 

Need a recipe for grilled steak?  Our Saturday Night Steakhouse Dinner Menu includes recipes for grilling thick, juicy, mouth-watering New York Steaks, Salt Crusted Baked Potatoes, and Steakhouse Mushrooms.  Just add a little Worcestershire or Steak sauce and you have the perfect Saturday Night dinner.  Should you have any leftovers, try our Steakhouse Steak Salad with True Bleu Salad Dressing.  Leftovers never tasted so good.

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