What are Tapenades, Pestos, and Caponatas?

Everybody loves Pestos and Tapenades and at The Posh Gourmet, we have assembled one of the finest collections available.  From a purist point of view, a pesto is herb-based; preferably basil, a tapenade is olive based and everything else is a ‘hearty spread’.

However, times they are - a - changing and the distinctions between a tapenade, pesto, spread, caponata, confit, confiture,  and even some condiments are now almost non existent.  No matter what the current term may be, these pesto and tapenade are incredible on pizza, as a condiment for panini or sandwiches, as a base for salad dressings, or as a delicious topping for crackers and crostini. Use your favorite pesto or tapenade to make a tasty stuffing for mushrooms & celery, as unique fillings for tiny puff pastry shells, or toppers for crisp, cool cucumber slices. Serve a dab of tapenade or pesto on your favorite grilled meat or fish or toss with cooked pasta.  You are only limited by your imagination, when it comes to uses for pestos and tapenades. 

Pesto Topped Focaccia

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Pesto [PEH-stoh] — This uncooked, herbal sauce comes from Genoa. Classic method is to combine crushed or chopped fresh basil, pine nuts, parmesan cheese and olive oil.

Tapenade [TA-puh-nahd; ta-pe-AHD] — This tasty thick paste comes from Provence. The ‘classic’ ingredients are capers, anchovies, ripe olives, olive oil lemon juice, and seasonings. It is classified as a condiment.

Caponata [kap-oh-NAH-tah] — This Sicilian side dish is made of eggplant, onions, tomatoes, anchovies, olives, pine nuts, capers, vinegar, and olive oil.

Condiment [KON-duh-ment] — This accompaniment to food can be salty, spicy, or savory and may be in the form of a relish, sauce, or mixtures of herbs and spices. Think beyond ketchup and mustard!

Confit [kohn-FEE] — Traditionally, a confit is poultry that is cooked and preserved in its own fat. Or it can mean fruit or vegetables cooked and preserved in brandy or other liquor. Recently, it is used  interchangeably with Confiture.

Confiture [kawn-fee-TYOOR] — A jam or preserve. It appears that many chefs now use Confit and Confiture interchangeably, and more times than not, is is savory or savory-sweet. 

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