Gourmet Gifts

Who doesn’t love to receive a scrumptious gift box full of gourmet foods?  With our growing awareness of fine food as well as the pleasures of cooking, gifts of true gourmet quality ingredients are high on everyone’s gift list.  Infused olive oils, flavored vinegars, olive oils for bread dipping, pestos, and sea salts are just the beginning when assembling a gourmet gift set.  Ceramic olive oil bottles and coordinating ceramic accessories make beautiful additions to any gift basket. 

 Although many gift basket suppliers and big box/ department stores claim to sell gourmet gifts and baskets, this is a time for the buyer to beware.  Most foods included in so called gourmet gift baskets are mediocre at best.  If that is not disappointing enough, included accessories are generally of a substandard quality as well. 

 So how do you find gift sets or individual items that are truly gourmet?  One way is to look at the product brands.  Are the products made by producers of ‘gourmet’ or ‘fancy’ foods or did the producer or retailer just add ‘gourmet’ to the label?  Not all producers of real gourmet and specialty foods use the term ‘gourmet’ on their product labels.  A good way to determine quality is to review the ingredients.  Food items sold as fine or specialty should be made from superior ingredients and contain as few additives as practical. 

 Remember the old saying, “You get what you pay for?”  When it comes to foods, that saying is more often true than not.  A good quality pesto will be bright with color and bursting with flavor.  Oils and vinegars will have ripe, full, inviting flavors.  If you can’t taste before you buy, then the best way of assuring that you are getting a quality product is by purchasing from retailers, like Posh Gourmet, that specialize in fine gourmet and fancy foods. 

At the Posh Gourmet, we hand select each and every item we sell, from our fine selection of gourmet cooking oils to stylish accessories for your table.  We do not sell anything that we would not serve or gift to our friends and family. 

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