Greek Olive Oil

Olive trees have long been associated with Ancient Greece. Legend has it that Hera, wife of Zeus, used olive oil as a cosmetic, and Greek children slept by wick-burned olive oil lamps. Now as then, Greece's juxtaposition to bright sun and salty sea creates thriving olive trees.

Cooks enjoy distinctly different tastes in each of their olive oils. We tap into this love of variety by bringing you the best olive oils from around the world. Greece produces more varieties of olives than any other country. This imbues Greek olive oil with a sweeping set of flavors which are always vibrant and varied. Depending on the growing conditions, the flavor can be freshly herbal, verdant and dry, or pack a peppery punch!

Greek Olive Oil for Cooking with Flair

Our special line of Greek Olive Oil will satiate your craving for cooking with an international flair. When you purchase a Greek olive oil through The Posh Gourmet, you'll be happy to know that we only work with the highest quality producers. Greek olive orchards line the coast and dot the hillsides of the Mediterranean country, which produces 75 percent of the world's olive oil. Use olive oil to create classic Greek moussaka with eggplant or a yummy tzatziki yogurt sauce to top off a gyro.

We offer you the purest Greek olive oil for your salads and secret recipes. Explore the richly exquisite tastes of the Mediterranean.