Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

As part of our ongoing effort to bring our customers the most exclusive, sought-after products, we offer Greek extra virgin olive oil. Made with the same pure standards as our other extra virgin olive oil products, this Greek variety is formed from the first cold pressing.

Our producers, who dot the wonderfully rich growing regions of Greece, gather a medley of koroneikis, mavrolias and kalamata olives to create their extra virgin olive oil. Black or green varieties are used to make this exquisite Greek extra virgin olive oil. The olives are harvested between November and December and pressed shortly thereafter.

Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Characteristic Cooking

No two olive oils are the same, but the Greek variety of extra virgin olive oil is particularly distinctive and uniquely characteristic of the Mediterranean basin. Not only is it great in Greek recipes, but it's a versatile olive oil good for any style of cooking. Pantry-friendly, it can be stored for up to two years in a cool place away from sunlight and heat. We offer many shelf-stable products for your cooking needs; our cupboard is filled with yummy tapenades, dipping oils and flavored sauces.

Delight in the Greek olive oil creating a buzz with the "Food and Wine" crowd. Bring the rich history of Greece right into your very own kitchen. You'll revel in the fresh possibilities of Greek extra virgin olive oil. Find out why Greece is the word at The Posh Gourmet.