Gourmet Oil

The flavor, color, and texture of olive oil are affected by many factors. The variety of the olives used in production of the oil, the location of the fruit trees, and the season's weather all come into play. Growing olives can be as intricate a process as growing grapes for fine wines.

At The Posh Gourmet we strive to bring you the most amazing gourmet oils, hand-picked by us for their distinctive flavors and superior quality. Each gourmet oil has its own attributes, so we taste each one and bring you only the ones we find to be the very best. We especially love extra virgin olive oil due to its health advantages. It contains vitamins A, D, K, and E, along with oleic acid and antioxidants. Extra virgin gourmet oil is cold pressed and completely natural, with no chemicals added.

You may find other olive oils in your local supermarket. For example, "pure olive oil" is the name given to commercial-grade oil. It is usually lighter in color and less flavorful than extra-virgin olive oil. It is called pure because it's made of only olive oil, with no other oils mixed into it. There are also "light" olive oils, which may be cut with other oils and have been processed. Light oils have much less of the distinctive olive taste and may have chemicals added.

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