Garlic Olive Oil

Start cooking up your favorite sauce with garlic infused olive oil. It'll add a scrumptious layer of taste to everything from old family recipes to high-end cookbook fare. You can even use it in place of fresh garlic--it's that flavorful!

The minute you open a bottle of garlic olive oil, you'll smell the intense aroma garlic lovers cherish. Sauté it with onions and whole, peeled tomatoes to fill your home with the scents of Italian cooking. Add it to your next paella and jazz up this traditional Spanish dish. Whether you're a gourmet enthusiast or a home cook, a little garlic olive oil should satisfy your hunger for something new.

Garlic Olive Oil for Intense Flavor and Timesaving Techniques

Our garlic olive oil complements our selection of gourmet treats. Try the Kettle Roasted Garlic Olive Oil for a wonderful new taste. You'll love this mix of fresh garlic, slow roasted to perfection, in a blend of extra virgin olive oil and expeller pressed canola oil. We recommend the infused olive oil for garlic bread with mozzarella cheese. It also works well as a hearty marinade for jumbo shrimp or pork cutlets--infusing them with more flavor.

You'll have a ball cooking with garlic olive oil. It's a great timesaver, too, since there's no need to chop lots of garlic when you have it right in your olive oil. Serve up your next dinner with this infused oil.