Extra Virgin Olive Oil

You may have heard a lot of news recently about the health benefits of olive oil. At The Posh Gourmet, we've not only heard about it, but we truly believe in the good health that olive oil can bring to all of us. That's why we diligently seek out the very best products--so that we can assist you in reaping all the benefits of extra virgin olive oil.

The diet of the Mediterranean region is typically high in olive oil, including extra virgin olive oil. Olive oil is high in monounsaturated fats and an excellent source of vitamin E. When used in place of saturated fats--such as butter --extra virgin olive oil can protect against heart disease and other ailments.

The term "extra virgin" olive oil refers to olive oil that is made from the first cold press of the freshly harvested fruit. According to this standard, the oil must contain no more than 0.8 percent acidity to be labeled extra virgin. Extra virgin olive oil has a more intense flavor than second- or third-press olive oils and is especially delicious when used in salad dressings or in the last few minutes of cooking.

The Posh Gourmet's buyers search all over the United States to bring you only the finest extra virgin olive oil. The oils we carry are hand-selected because of their distinctive tastes and superior quality. Our extra virgin olive oils, which are made from natural components with no chemicals, feature fruity aromas and rich, pure flavors.