Dipping Olive Oil

Our flavored dipping oils are delicious and fun to use. Any food's tastier with a drizzle of olive oil on it. Trickle the dipping oil over prosciutto-wrapped cheese or splash it onto artichoke hearts. Like all of the products we sell, the dipping oils are packed with flavor.

The dipping olive oil is so tasty, it brings out the flavor of any ordinary recipe. Place a set on your serving table for guests to sprinkle over salads or onto steaming bowls of pasta. We can help you add spice to your dishes, too. All you have to do is order a bottle of hot pepper or roasted garlic olive oil to pour a little flavor into your cooking.

Invite a Little Dipping Olive Oil to Your Next Party

Want to make any party better? Just put out dipping oils for friends and family to enjoy with snacks, and let the dipping begin! The most luscious way to serve this gourmet treat is with crusty French or Italian bread. For an added layer of flavor, warm the bread, dip it in the oil, and grate some Parmesan cheese on top!

Get creative and add a bottle of dipping oil to a gift basket. As you might agree, dipping oil is a perfect gift for an olive oil connoisseur. You can even enlist one of our specialists to create a signature basket for your next occasion. Let us serve you quickly with our wide selection of in-stock oils and items. We'll deliver your order with care for your next affair. Just Contact Us via email or give us a ring at (714) 839-7642.