Decorative Olive Oil Bottles

Unfortunately, we no longer carry ceramics in our online catalog - but thought you might find this article of interest!

At The Posh Gourmet, we delight in bringing you delectable fine foods--and information on beautiful accessories to complement them. Decorative olive oil bottles are the perfect addition to your table when entertaining or for that special meal. Choose from classically styled 13-inch tall bottles with elegant slender necks or an 8.5-inch bottle that features two small handles. All our bottles are made individually by hand and carefully painted with one-of-a-kind motifs.

Use decorative olive oil bottles to serve and pour your finest extra virgin olive oils, flavored vinegars, or other sauces that would benefit from these bottles' drizzle-style pouring spouts. On our site, you'll find that most of our decorative bottles have matching pieces like dipping dishes, platters, and trays. Select from elegant, useful, or just plain fun sets that fulfill all of your entertainment needs.

Our decorative olive oil bottles feature vibrant, whimsical designs like foliage, golden sunflowers, and Tuscan vineyards. Use them to add cheer to your kitchen décor, or bring them out to celebrate a special occasion with a distinctive tapas party. They'll help emphasize the casual setting and show off your exquisite taste. Plus, our gorgeous bottles will block out potentially damaging light and heat, preserving the fine quality of your oils.

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