Cold Pressed Olive Oil

The process of creating cold pressed olive oil takes time and considerable effort. First, olive trees must be mature enough to bear satisfactory fruit. Most olives are still carefully picked by hand. Netting is hung just below the branches to catch the harvest. The delicate fruit is then quickly sorted and cleaned before being crushed into a paste, filtered, blended, and finally bottled. Oil that is labeled "first cold press" has had no application of heat or chemical processing.

Olive oil that is produced by cold pressing maintains all of its vitamin and antioxidant qualities. Those qualities help the oil to maintain its freshness. More importantly, they offer incredible health benefits to those who use olive oil in their diet. But as oil is further processed and refined, like any other food, it begins to lose nutritional value. That's why it is important to purchase only top-quality cold pressed olive oil.

When you purchase your olive oil through The Posh Gourmet, you can be assured that the quality is in sync with your taste--and your pocketbook. Our oils are hand-selected for their flavor and richness. We taste them not once but several times to ensure that we are bringing you fantastic cold pressed olive oils.

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