Chardonnay Vinegar

Made from Chardonnay wine, this vinegar employs all the rich nuances of its namesake. Created by true vintners, the Chardonnay wine is then housed in oak casks and aged into fine vinegar. Chardonnay wine is made from the nutrient-rich green skins of Chardonnay grapes, the essence of which is fully captured in the vinegar.

Chardonnay vinegar is an oaky white wine vinegar with a buttery and fruity taste. Use Chardonnay vinegar on poultry and pork, or drizzle it on salads and salsas for an added zing. Chardonnay Vinegar is made to perfection in a rich, natural environment and expertly packaged in frosted glass bottles for an added aesthetic appeal. Give gourmet vinegar in lieu of wine for your next housewarming gift!

Create Sweet and Savory Dishes with Chardonnay Vinegar

Our assortment of gourmet vinegar products ranges from citrus to traditional balsamic varieties. Craving a little tart sweetness? Try the Pear Chardonnay Vinegar. Combine the succulent concoction with any of the olive oils we carry to make unforgettable salad dressings. The Pear Chardonnay Vinegar works well when contrasted with savory Asian-inspired dishes or with recipes containing creamy, full-bodied cheeses. Couple the pear-licious vinegar with bitter arugula greens and a dijon dressing for a splendid salad.

Have a special party coming up? Any of our Chardonnay vinegar products can add a special touch to your homemade goodies. Whether for cooking, gift-giving or stocking your kitchen, a signature bottle of gourmet vinegar packs a wonderful punch.