Champagne Vinegar

Sweet and effervescent, the sublime bouquet and crisp flavor of champagne vinegar can delicately dress up foods. A cousin to wine vinegar, it's brimming with sparkling California wine made from Pinot Noir grapes and patiently aged in oak barrels. Each of the champagne vinegars we sell has been painstakingly selected from the finest imports to bring you excellence based upon taste, aroma and color.

Champagne vinegar makes a wonderful addition to recipes, adding a vivid taste and brilliant texture. Toss up signature salads with special dressings, from splendid champagne vinaigrettes to truly magnificent mayonnaise-based Caesars. You'll be able to add zip to your fish dishes and fruit salads. Whatever you make, this cheerful vinegar is sure to get the party started!

Delightfully Fruity Champagne Vinegar

Pure fruit is coupled with the best sparkling wine, rounding out our selection of flavored champagne vinegars. Wonderfully "pretty in pink," the California Raspberry Champagne Vinegar is a sweet addition to our selection of gourmet vinegars. This tantalizing vinegar contains 100% natural raspberry juice and sparkling wine to create a heavenly match for your next beet salad or stack of pancakes.

Strawberries are always in season at The Posh Gourmet. Satisfy your craving for another sweet treat with the Cuisine Perel's Strawberry Champagne Vinegar. We use it in a surprising variety of dishes: mixed with yogurt and fruit, splashed in cocktails, and strewn over fresh greens for savory salads.