Ceramic Olive Oil Bottles

Superior olive oils like the ones at The Posh Gourmet deserve to be protected--and prominently displayed. Ceramic olive oil bottles are perfect for preserving and showcasing your oils. The presence of air, heat, and light can break down gourmet oils, causing them to deteriorate more rapidly. Transparent containers, which allow a certain level of light to reach the oil, can drastically increase changes in the oil's flavor. However, ceramic olive oil bottles stored at room temperature can protect and maintain your oil's freshness.

Hand-decorated ceramic olive oil bottles will give your kitchen a Tuscan touch. Each one is individually hand painted with exceptional detail in a classic Italian design--so no two are exactly alike. Each bottle is shaped in the classic style with a slender neck, which helps maintain the oil's freshness while allowing you to control how much oil you pour from the bottle. Each includes a no-drip stainless steel drizzle spout.

Consider selecting ceramic olive oil bottles to add a touch of flair to your kitchen. The vibrant colors are sure to be noticed. Use them as accent pieces or to show off your extensive set of gourmet oils. You can also give them as gifts to your friends, who will cherish the fine craftsmanship that each one displays. These bottles can also be used to display other oils or vinegars, too.

Fill your ceramic bottles with one of our gourmet oils, infused oils, and flavored vinegars. Our products are hand-crafted, unusual items that you won't find on the shelves of your ordinary grocery store.